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Metal Coating Spray

Metal Coating Spray

Millennials are a lot more engaging in creative crafts because they are more accepting of independent expressions. Creativity is the zeitgeist of millennials and creates bonds with friends and family. We recognize that those children can excel in any field and actively participate in enhancing their creative sides. The field of creativity does not matter. The geeky creatives let the software compute the display, while the more sensational ones still enjoy paint and other artistic endeavors like metal spray coating.

What is the metal spray coating?

Metal coating spray is the process of spraying molten or softened particles on a prepped surface. The metal prayer includes many different kinds of coatings and is not limited to non-stick, non-slip, anti-spark, hard-facing, or reclamation types.

Comparing metal spray coating with paint

The thermal metal spray offers more quality and purity because of the extra metallic protection. The material will have an infinite shelf life and shorter application processes because it does not need much drying time even if the layer does not have enough prepping. The metals have a broader climatic range and will survive extremities of humidity and temperature.

Comparing metal spray with galvanization

Galvanization limits the number of materials one can spray and the number of materials available for the process. The thick metal coating easily restores corrosion and allows for immediate treatment of components at the construction point.

Metal spray components

The standard metal spray coating has several different components, such as the following:

  • Spray gun – The metal spray system's primary device is the gun, which releases the particles onto the surface.
  • Feeder – It supplies the powder, liquid, or wire onto the torch
  • Supply – These are the spray materials, such as liquid or gas
  • Robot – it controls the torch to facilitate coating.
  • Power – The power supply offers a standalone ability to the torch
  • Control console – The unit integrates into all the above system parts.

What is electric wire spraying?

The process uses a thermal spray coating gun to transport conductive wires. The wires melt at the end and form a coating at the substrate. The electric spraying method's main benefit is the ability to spray large capacities at fast adhesions to the desired target location.

Industrial benefit

The metal coating flame spray sets your business up for reduced costs. It is cheaper for the material to last long when you can replace its functions with a high-quality thermal spray coating. The thermal technology extends a machinery’s life despite the material, such as ceramic, plastic, or metal.

Thermal spray coatings are applicable in different conditions. They offer machinery other conditions to impact the metal coating in various levels of tear, wear, weather conditions, and heat.

Wear Master offers a professional way for you to metalize the project fast while ensuring a superb finish. We have tricks and tips to prepare the surface and deliver the coating in a controlled environment. We offer high tech robotics for you to give your business and industry large-scale finish touches with ease. Get in touch with our team (817-561-1565) now to learn more about our services.


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